Rowan Visit

The James Cook University–Rowan University IEEE partnership has existed almost as long as our club. The already established Rowan University IEEE Student Branch helped the club grow into the full club it is today. The international club partnership has allowed multicultural and multidisciplinary projects to take place between the clubs, living up to the IEEE motto of “Networking the World”.


Rowes Bay Sprint Day

The Rowes Bay Sensor Network Sprint will be held on the 23rd May, 9am-4pm, and will see four teams tackle separate ecosystems at the Rowes Bay Sustainability Education Centre.

See here for more information.

Learn to Bake: A Raspberry Pi Intro.

A Raspberry Pi is what’s called a SoC, a System on a Chip. This means it is an entire computer system on a single board, about the size of a credit card. The Raspberry Pi can run various operating systems, most of which are some form of Linux distribution. The OS we will be using is called Raspbian, and is a Debian derivative.

Raspberry Pi Model A

Ultrasonic Workshop

What is an Ultrasonic Sensor?

Ultrasonic sensors, like the HC-SR04, are hobbyist level distance sensors that use an ultrasonic burst of sound, or ping, to measure the distance to objects around it. They are essentially like miniature sonars, as seen on your favourite submarine. (Hunt For Red October, anyone?).


The North Queensland Robotic Sumo (NQRoS) competition is a student robotics competition aimed to foster student involvement in robotics, and intelligent systems. The competition focuses on rewarding innovation in sensing and intelligence. Held in Townsville, the competition is not limited to North Queenslanders and aims to involve entrants from across Australia and further.

"Sumo Zumo"


Welcome to James Cook University’s Robo Club, run by the IEEE Student Branch.