The JCU Robo Club is run by the JCU Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) student branch, and was formed in 2013. The club’s main goals are to introduce, promote and teach robotics from an introductory level allowing members the opportunity to gain experience in a more hands on environment. The club’s main events in the past have involved robotics competitions each semester and we look to continuing these in the future. As part of these competitions, we run sessions teaching students to build robots, program microcontrollers, and interact with sensors and actuators.

The first major event planned for this year is an Australian-American IEEE Student Branch Exchange between Rowan University and JCU in May 2015. During their stay, we plan to hold the inaugural Australian Sumo Intelligence Competition (ASIC) at JCU, and expect to host Queensland universities such as the University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology, as well as Rowan University. Your sponsorship will aid in fulfilling our financial requirements such that these events can truly benefit the student participants to the fullest extent. Local and international media attention will also be generated to those supporting the 2015 Australian-American IEEE Student Branch Exchange and this Robotics Convention.

Projects and Sponsorship Opportunities


The North Queensland Robotic Sumo (NQRoS) competition is a student robotics competition aimed to foster student involvement in robotics, and intelligent systems. The competition focuses on rewarding innovation in sensing and artificial intelligence.

Students from across Australia will compete in a Mini-class Robotic Sumo competition, as per the official RoboGames unified sumo robot rules, using the Pololu Zumo robotics platform. Students may not modify the driving hardware, but are encouraged to modify their systems to be more intelligent with smart sensors.

Although targeted to a national audience, this competition will also include entrants from the club’s partner club at Rowan University, New Jersey. These students will be present for this competition.

Cost Prize Naming Mention during Competition Advertisement on Club Polo Naming rights to event
First Place $1000 X X X X
Second Place $500 X X X
Third Place $200 X X

Intra-club competition

The Robo Club has several major events planned for 2015, the first being our semester 1 intra-club robotics competition. With over 75 total entries from club members throughout the 2014 Semester events, this competition is expected to generate a lot of attention around local robot enthusiasts with contestants battling to ensure their robots stay hidden in a search and destroy type event.

The competition is titled “Robocops and Robbers” and will be held on the 29th of May. Students’ robots will be the ‘robbers’ and will have to hide from four ‘cops’ for as long as possible, whoever can last the longest without being caught will win. As a part of the competition, sessions on how to assemble, solder, program, use sensors, use Bluetooth, and more will be conducted.

Sponsorship of the intra-club event is $500, and includes advertisement on the club’s Polo and naming of the event after the company.

Sponsor the club space

JCU has given the club a dedicated laboratory space, fitted with limited equipment. However, we are in need of further tools and equipment. A sponsorship of $300 would allow us to buy standard tools to be left in the club space for members to use at any time. Corporate logos could be placed on desks in the space and on purchased tools.


Ashley Gillman
JCU Robo Club and JCU IEEE Student Branch President
0404 085 204

Bronson Philippa
JCU IEEE Student Branch Mentor

A/Prof Mohan Jacob
Senior Member, IEEE NA